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Thia Path, is my stage name, which reflects a profound personal transformation of mine thanks to an encounter with the work of Mark Rothko in 2001. A name that combines the passion for play and fun with my grandchildren (Tia Pat in Spanish), adding the letter h in homage to my teacher who made me discover the great power of colours.

I paint mostly in abstract expressionism, which is just a fancy way of saying that I use painting to communicate what I may not have words for...

thia path billboards 1.jpg

Born and raised in Argentina, after graduating in architecture, I moved to Italy to Urbino at the age of 23, thanks to a scholarship to study renewable energy. I subsequently moved to Rome to work in various research institutions and environmental associations. Since my childhood, however, I have been attracted to every form of art: from singing to ceramics, from theater to dance, from writing to architecture. I didn't know that one day art would become my second profession, today I work as a painter and teacher in schools.


In my life I have had the opportunity to carry out many projects. I have built zero-emission buildings and won several architecture competitions, I have taught sustainable architecture at the University (Rome, Milan and Maputo) and I have worked for two important environmental associations (ISES and KYOTO CLUB), I have also written short stories and a book dedicated to the largest building in Piacenza, where I moved in 2012.

Travelling, walking, reading, cooking, being with friends, are just some of the things I have always liked...

In 2015 I started painting every day and never stopped and that's how the artist Thia Path was born, it's always been inside me, I just had to get it out. I have created many works of art, of which I am proud, many of which have been sold all over the world. The creative act itself has helped me endure through difficult times, grow, improve and remember who I am. It helped me find a different well-being that I didn't know about...


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